In the fall of 2015, Christine DeLeon sought to find a unique way to contribute to and connect with the Metro Denver community. With more than a decade of experiences that allowed her to look at the K-12 education landscape nationally, she felt strongly about investing in the leadership and schools within Metro Denver. As such, she combined her experiences of leadership development, personalized learning, and entrepreneurship to create Moonshot edVentures, an organization that builds a diverse pipeline of leaders to design and launch the schools of tomorrow within Metro Denver.

As she embarked on this journey, she also realized that the local school launcher pipeline was shallow – there were few diverse leaders ready to design and launch new school models. Therefore, as the founder of Moonshot, Christine has worked to build the foundation for this pipeline to thrive, facilitating conversations that cultivate more diverse leadership, and building a vibrant and visible entrepreneurial and innovative community through programs, alongside 4.0 Schools, and a co-working space called the edGarage.

Since she formally began as CEO in the spring of 2016, Christine has built numerous partnerships both locally and nationally in order to engage hundreds of local educators to engage with issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion, entrepreneurship and innovation, and school design through various workshops and events.