“Genius is equally distributed, but access is not.”

~ Aaron Walker, Camelback Ventures


  • We believe that schools founded by leaders from their community of focus have increased success, as they are already connected with and invested in their community. Therefore, we prioritize local entrepreneurs as we build a pipeline of school founders.
  • Operating place-based allows us to understand local context and build deeper networks to surface more diverse leaders. This work requires time and relationships.
  • Students and families should help co-create the school and learning experiences in service of creating more sustainable and lasting change within communities.
  • Models that put students at the center are more likely to ensure each student develops the knowledge, skills, and habits of success to persist in college and life.
  • Every leader has different developmental needs. While we strive to find ways to scale our impact, we believe we must first understand what it takes to get each Moonshot leader to launch successfully.
  • Connecting and amplifying the work of our local and national partners will allow us to operate leanly and fill gaps in the marketplace.
  • Our ability to support folks often comes in the form coaching, connections, and a cohort-based experience. Therefore, we are facilitators of a learning and development experience. While our previous experiences enable us to directly impact our leaders, we believe we can leverage our professional networks to accelerate our leaders’ success.