Design and Launch the Schools of Tomorrow.

Moonshot’s School Launcher Fellowship works with leaders in the education ecosystem to design and launch the schools of tomorrow.


Assess leadership readiness
Engage families and communities in the design of school
Explore new models of school
Develop preliminary design
Visit school models for inspiration
Understand the various pathways of launching a school or new learning environment
Connect with dozens of local and national education leaders
Part-Time, Fall

Moonshot has created an environment which allowed me to discover my identity at a deeper level and explore how my identity plays an integral role in my leadership.” -Amy Lovell-Boylls, 2017 Fellow



Develop knowledge and skill in areas of management and leadership
Pilot school model and refine design in conjunction with target community
Understand and begin school launcher fundamentals
Part-Time, Spring

“Through deep, meaningful relationships with new colleagues, this experience is pushing my thinking about how to create a thoughtful school design that puts students at the center, pushes me to consider how I enter the work, and has connected me with others who can give thoughtful feedback.” -Meredith Stolte, 2017 Fellow



Refine individual leadership areas and ensure readiness
Ensure details of educational program and ways to revise it are set
Ensure school launcher foundation is built sufficiently to write a successful charter application, or equivalent
Submit charter application, or equivalent
Board development, fundraising, and other “nuts and bolts” necessary to open new schools/ build school pathway 
Full-Time, Summer/Fall

“As a member of the community in which I am serving, I am honored to be a part of this fellowship.  MoonShot has allowed me to gain leadership skills, develop lasting relationships with other school designers and outside partners, and challenge the current models of education in order to develop innovative solutions that support all students learning and thriving.”  -Angelina Walker, 2017 Fellow



The 2018- 2019 School Launcher Fellows


The 2017- 2018 School Launcher Fellows