Alejandro Fuentes Mena

Radical Arts Academy of Denver (RAAD)

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Alejandro is an undocumented, unafraid, and unapologetic 6th Grade math teacher at KIPP Northeast Denver Middle School who will co-found Radical Arts Academy of Denver. He hopes to  create a community hub where talented artists from the Far Northeast can hone their craft in a space that is owned and operated by the students that attend RAAD.

RAAD is co-founded with other Moonshot Fellows.

Name of Venture: Radical Arts Academy of Denver (RAAD)

Type of venture: School

Launch date:  Fall 2022

Grade level(s): K-12

Target Geography: Green Valley Ranch

Additional Fellowships: Pursuing High Tech High New Schools Creation Fellowship in 2020. Urban Leader Fellowship 2016

Success to date: The RAAD team facilitated 3 different pilots featuring arts-integrated learning experiences for 30 students, ages 5-16. Using a research-based SEL framework of assessment, RAAD showed statistically significant gains in Social Awareness from a lesson in collaborative songwriting.

2019-2020 plans: Piloting Summer 2019 and continuing to pilot throughput the 2019-2020 school year