Amanda Gonzales

Be the Change Community High School


Amanda’s passion for youth advocacy and social change has been her north star over the past 20 years and is rooted in the indigenous Nahuatl word tiahui, which roughly means to move, change, or go forward. With the belief that education can get one out of their situation, her commitment to empowerment and movement has always been focused on young people of color in Denver and Adams counties. She is partnering with Moonshot Fellow Amanda Marquez to launch. She is currently the Assistant Principal, KIPP NE Denver Middle School.

Name of Venture: Be the Change Community High School

Type of venture: School

Launch date:  TBD

Grade level(s):  9-12

Target Geography: Latinx students in Commerce City/Metro Denver

Additional Fellowships: Pursuing a Doctor of Education (EdD) in Leadership for Educational Equity concentrating in Urban & Diverse Communities est. Spring 2022

Success to date:  BTC is currently partnering with Denver North High School . Through pilot data, we have determined that confidence is found through focusing on strengths and that building community is a critical factor in influencing change.

2019-2020 plans: BTC will continue to partner with North High School to pilot in the summer for the community and strengths based learning.  We will pilot a program during the school year that will incorporate the philosophies of Big Picture Learning and Project Based Learning with a cohort of 30 students