Anthony Grant



Born and raised in sunny Los Angeles, Anthony is a third-generation college graduate and social justice educator. He is currently an assistant principal and director of school culture and family engagement in Harlem NYC.

Anthony envisions co-creating a network of liberatory conscious schools and programming that will create the platform for the communities to live, lead and learn as their own authentic selves. A platform  built on disrupting oppression, instilling critical thinking, and culturally relevant pedagogy. He is currently the Assistant Principal of East Harlem Scholars Academics.

Name of Venture: Liberate Academy

Type of venture: School and Program

Launch date:  Fall 2021

Grade level(s): Prek-HS

Target Geography: FNE Denver, Los Angeles, Harlem, National

Success to date: Liberatory Consciousness Pilots, Identity Development Pilot, Culturally Relevant Pedagogy Pilot.