Auset Ali

Visions Performing Arts College Prep


Auset is a holistic healer who infuses ingenious healing and arts in the approach of VPAC. She has been mentored by veteran educators and shared the stage with many artist. “Bullied by the community” to open VPAC, Auset hopes to transform education and representation in arts, entertainment, & media.

Name of Venture: Visions Performing Arts College Prep

Type of venture: School

Launch date:  Fall 2020 Charter application submitted awaiting approval

Grade level(s): 6th-12th

Target Geography: Aurora Public Schools

Additional Fellowships: 2019 Emerge, 2018 Camelback Ventures, 2018 4.0 Schools Tiny Fellowship

Success to date: 15 years of serving youth in performing arts, community demanded school, 5(+) years of piloting various aspects of model, 2018 New Schools Venture Fund Simulator, 2019 New Schools Venture Fund Invent

2019-2020 plans: Recruiting students that will enter VPAC Fall 2020 as 6th, 7th, and 8th graders, founding team, facility, summer camps, funding

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