Branta Lockett

The Freedom School


Short bio: Branta is currently a 3rd Grade Teacher and Senior Team Lead at Ashley Elementary.  Growing up in Miami, Florida, Branta witnessed disparities in public schooling that sparked her passion for solving issues of inequity in education. She envisions opening a school that utilizes performing arts and culturally sustaining pedagogy to engage students.

In 2016, Branta received a master’s degree in Urban Education Policy from Brown University. In 2013, Branta received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Vanderbilt University, majoring in both African American and Diaspora Studies and History with a European concentration.

Name of Venture: The Freedom School, Formerly Arts and Core

Type of venture: School

Launch date:  Fall 2021

Grade level(s): K- 5

Target Geography: NE Denver

Success to date: (pilot results, etc.): Initial piloting revealed that student engagement increased with arts integrated and social justice lessons.

2019-2020 plans (e.g. piloting this summer? Piloting as after school? Applying for charter)?