Candice Smith

The Learning Grove School and Platinum Life, LLC


Candice was born in Jackson, TN and was raised in Denver, CO in the Montbello community.  With nearly 15 years experience in education, Candice has had various roles including Founding School Director as well as district wide trainer for Denver Public Schools.  As Founder and CEO of The Learning Grove School, she is passionate about providing culturally responsive, experiential learning in entrepreneurship for students K-12. Candice is also the Founder of Platinum Life Company., where she provides Life Coaching and Executive Coaching to professional and entrepreneurial women.

Name of Venture: The Learning Grove School (TLGS)

Type of Venture: Educational Service Product(s)

Launch Date:  Spring 2019

Grade Level(s): K-12 Culturally Responsive Entrepreneurship Curriculum

Target Geography: Northeast Denver

Success to date: Partnership with 2 community organizations, developing and testing curriculum in NE Denver

2019-2020 plans : Launch Fall 2019 program pilots by partnering with schools and community organizations