Candice Smith

The Learning Grove School (TLGS) and Unifying Parents (UP)


Short bio:  Candice was born in Jackson, TN and grew up in Denver,CO  in the Montbello community. She has a Masters Degree in Elementary Education from Regis University and completed her principal certification program at University of Denver. She  is currently a Master Life Coach for professional and entrepreneurial women as well as an independent contractor for Moonshot edVentures and other local non-profits.

Name of Venture:  The Learning Grove School (TLGS) and Unifying Parents (UP)

Type of venture: Program (TLGS) and School (UP)

Launch date:  Summer  2020 (TLGS) and TBD (UP)

Grade level(s):  K-5 (TLGS) and 9-12 (UP)

Target Geography: African American and Latinx students  in Denver Metro Area

Additional Fellowships:  Exploring a few opportunities

Success to date: Successful Spring Pilots with many students and excited parents!!!

2019-2020 plans : Launch Summer Camp 2019  and partnering with schools and community organizations for Fall 2019/Spring 2020  Pilots