Jessica Valsechi

Girls Leadership Academy


Through her own experiences as a woman leader, Jessica recognizes  the power of women in leadership positions. She envisions starting a leadership program for elementary school girls that will affirm their unique leadership qualities  and skills and help them apply them to make a positive impact in their community. She is also currently working as an independent consultant.

Name of Venture: Girls Leadership Academy

Type of venture: Program

Launch date: TBD

Grade level(s): 5th Grade

Target Geography: Metro Denver

Additional Fellowships: Colorado Education Initiative Innovation Fellows -2019

Success to date: Completed 3 pilot with 15-20 girls in 4th-6th grade, the girls showed an increase in their awareness of their own leadership skills and women leaders, as well as identified problems they wanted to address and crafted solutions that integrated their leadership qualities.

2019-2020 plans: During the 2019 summer we will be continuing co-creating & designing with students and families in order to launch an extended fall pilot at a local elementary school.