Karolina Villagrana


KIPP Coloardo

Karolina is a Denver girl! She was born and raised in Denver, Colorado and saw her family sacrifice to ensure she received a quality education. Karolina  joined KIPP Colorado Schools as a Principal Resident in the summer of 2018 and now is a participating in the Fisher Fellowship. Her hopes is to open a bilingual elementary school where she will partner with love ones to be active teachers in the classroom and become lifelong advocates of their children, while creating the space to engage students’ academics through service learning projects that impact their community and world around them. Karolina was a founding elementary teacher of over 90% English Language Learners and Assistant Principal in San Jose, CA. She began her career as a Teach for America Corp Member in Kansas City. Karolina graduated with honors from the University of Colorado and holds M.A.Ed in Educational Leadership from Columbia University.

Name of Venture: TBD

Type of venture: School

Launch date:  Fall 2021

Grade level(s):  ECE-4th grade

Target Geography: Commerce City

Additional Fellowships: KIPP Fisher Fellowship