Keely Vaughan

The Blueprint Program

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Keely believes that shared experiences and connections to new people are at the heart of what makes school matter. As co-founder of the Blueprint Program, a human-centered design program, Keely has helped to build a successful program in which 5th and 6th graders create and manage their own projects, utilizing Design Thinking to connect students to people and field experiences that will enrich their understanding of themselves and the world in which they take an active part in changing. Driven and fueled by students, Keely continues to grow as an educator and designer because of the incredible young people that she is so fortunate to be surrounded by everyday.

Name of Venture: Blueprint

Type of Venture: Program

Grade Level(s): 5th & 6th

Target Geography: TBD

Success to date: Blueprint is entering its 4th year in Castle Rock, CO and is continuing to enroll new students while  evolving the program with the growing Blueprint alumni community.

2019-2020 Plans: Keely will be relocating to Oregon in Summer of 2019 to explore and help lead various school models to continue to design programs keep students at the helm of their school experience as they become humble leaders of humanity.