Mia Coffing

Aim Learning Center


Mia is a Behavior Analyst and Special Education teacher who uses the science of learning and behavior, Applied Behavior Analysis, to help students accelerate their learning.  Students have ownership over their data, which is used to make daily instructional decisions, thereby creating empowered and confident learners.

Name of Venture: Aim Learning Center

Type of venture: Program

Launch date:  Fall 2020

Grade level(s): K-8

Target Geography: Denver Public Schools

Success to date: AIM used Precision Teaching (PT) methodologies to teach a small group of 5th grade students who were reading at the 1st-2nd grade level.  After 27 non-consecutive intervention sessions, students in the PT group gained 0.9 grade levels in reading as measured by the WJ-IV.

2019-2020 plans: Continued partnerships piloting with current schools and additional schools