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Join Us this summeR!

Moonshot Fellows will be running a two-week summer camp for students ages 5-14 to experience new school and program ideas. Students can explore arts, entrepreneurship, leadership development, and self-identity in a fun and engaging setting.

See below for more details on dates, location, and camp experiences offered and don’t forget to register!

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Summer Camp Dates:

  • Session 1: July 8-12th (9-12pm)

  • Session 2: July 15-19th (9-12pm)


  • Union Baptist Church

    3200 Dahlia St. Denver, CO 80207

Cost: FREE! A light breakfast and snacks will also be provided.

Choose Your Adventure!

The Learning Grove School

Session 1: No programming

Session 2: Do your kids love playing at the park? What if they could imagine and create their very own toy to make playing at the park even more awesome! Kids will learn product creation and how to pitch their ideas!

Ages: 5-9 years old

Mi Vida Academy

Session 1: If you are into computer science then this is the camp for you! In this camp students will use coding to create an animation to tell about their family history.

Ages: 11-13 years old

Session 2: Ever consider growing up to be a world famous reporter? In this camp students will learn how to use online tools and interviews to create a podcast to story tell about their family history.

Ages: 7-10 years old

Alpha Prep Academy

Sessions 1 & 2: What do you have in common with Black Panther? How do you learn more about what kind of leader you can be? Learn more about yourself as a young leader in a way that is fun at the Alpha Prep Summer Camp.

Ages: 9 - 14 year old boys

RAAD (Radical Arts Academy of Denver)

Session 1: Do you like to create? Students will create original works and learn how to showcase their individual magic through visual arts and poetry.

Ages: 5-8 years old

Session 2: No programming