what makes moonshot unique?


1. we start early.

By the time founders are two years or less away from opening, there’s no longer time to dream, design, and develop. We support leaders who are ideally 2 - 3+ years out from opening to give them the time and space to do so.

2. we INVEST IN LOCAL, underrepresented leadership.

Working harder, faster, more efficiently with the same leadership won’t close the gap for our students of color. We need to invest in leaders who come from the communities they want to serve to ensure long-lasting, sustainable change.

3. We care deeply about the quality of the leader.

A strong school or program design is necessary but insufficient. We invest equal amounts of time in the leader as we do in the design of an idea.

4. We pilot before we launch. Launching a school is high stakes.

We support our Fellows to design and execute rigorous data-driven pilots with students through after school programs, Saturdays, and summers prior to launch.

5. We co-create with students and families.

Our Fellows have good ideas. So do their communities. We create opportunities for Fellows to co-design their ideas with families and students, and frequently solicit feedback from them to make our ideas better.

6. We are open to multiple ways of opening a new learning environment.

Charter schools are just one way to open a new learning environment. We allow our Fellows to explore and choose pathways that also include the leadership of an existing school, a microschool, or an after school program