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OUR theory of change

If we invest in the leadership development of a set of local, underrepresented leaders to become school and program leaders, support them in developing new learning environment models that look dramatically different, and provide them with the resources to launch, then we can transform outcomes for students of color, traditionally underserved by our current education system.


VISION: Moonshot envisions a learner-centered system, led by individuals who share and empathize with the experience of the students and communities they aim to serve, where all children become learners who persist through life and meaningfully contribute to their communities.

MISSION: Moonshot edVentures surfaces and supports diverse leaders to design and launch the learning environments of tomorrow.


Moonshot edVentures is leading the education revolution in Metro Denver. We build the pipeline of diverse leaders to design and launch the learning environments of tomorrow.

about our programs

  • The Moonshot School Launcher Fellowship allows individuals to explore designing and launching a new learning environment, such as a new school or program. Our three-stage program focuses on leadership development, designing and piloting your learning environment alongside communities, identifying and supporting Fellows on the best pathway to launch, connections to local and national networks, and doing this work alongside like-minded individuals.

  • Talk to Action is Denver’s leading DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) initiative in education. Talk to Action, a volunteer-led network brings together educators to focus on issues, at the organizational and individual levels, to ensure that educators of color in the K-12 ecosystem thrive.

  • Moonshot also supports the education entrepreneurship ecosystem, by co-founding and sponsoring the co-working space edGarage and being one of the early, strong, consistent collaborators on Denver’s Startup Weekend EDU with TechStars.

moonshot team and fellows 2018


- Auset Ali, 2017 Moonshot Fellow



The inspiration for our name comes from a talk by Google X Lab entrepreneurs and scientists. “Why aim for 10% growth,” they ask, “when you can aim for 10x?”  Computer scientist Astro Teller explains:

People can set their minds to magical, seemingly impossible ideas...If you want cars to run at 50 miles per gallon, fine, you can retool your car a little bit. If I tell you if it has to run on a gallon of gas for 5 hundred miles, you have to start over … You don’t spend your time being bothered that you can’t teleport from here to Japan, because there’s a part of you that thinks that’s impossible. Moonshot thinking is choosing to be bothered by that.”